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Used CAT Wheel Loader Information

A wheel loader is a machine used for loading in the construction industry. It is one of the most crucial equipment in today’s construction projects. The machine is also known as bucket loader or front end loader. This is because of the design it takes. It is considered as an important component in loading, due to its extreme versatility and high payload capacity. Basic operation of a wheel loader involves supporting the ongoing activities in any construction project site; where it can be used to dig, handle materials, load- carrying and preparing site. There are many used CAT Heavy Wheel Loader for sale in many places. CAT loaders are considered the best in the wheel loading equipments industry, due to its advanced and state of the art manufacturing process.

History of Wheel loaders

The historical development of wheel loaders has come a long way, where there have been immense innovations and modifications. There are many types of wheel loaders that have been in existence. They are:

- -Wheel loader prototype

- -Rigid frame wheel loaders

- -Articulated wheel loaders

- -Front pivot arm wheel loader

-Wheel loader prototype

Back in 1920’s, agricultural tractors were fitted with a loader bucket and used in handling simple materials. This was the earliest wheel loader prototype. However, there were other earlier versions of wheel loaders that used pivoted buckets mounted on tractors using ropes. The ropes operated through an interconnection of winch clutch which would operate on the principle of gravity, and trip release mechanism. After a decade, many companies were already making small wheel loaders by permanently fixing buckets on the tractors.

Rigid flame wheel loader

In the year 1939, Frank Hough who was an engineer developed the first self contained loader. The loader had rubber tires and was a two wheel drive. The bucket in this loader operated on the principle of gravity for dumping, and a combination of latch mechanism. Later in the yeas, other companies started to manufacture four wheel loaders with rigid frames. CAT Company was among the first few manufacturers to develop a rigid frame with four wheel drive. However, the rigid frames could not let the loaders operate in small spaces.

Articulated Wheel Loaders

Articulated frame loaders created a significance milestone in the development and evolution of wheel loaders. Mixer mobile Manufacturers were the first to introduce the first articulated frame loaders, that operated on hydraulic principle. These loaders lifted the bucked using hydraulic, and all the loading activities were made possible through hydraulic process. Some of the modern loaders are in this class.

Front Pivot arm

The development of wheel loaders came along with increasing sizes. In the 1950’s, safety concern came up with argument of the pivot arm positioning. This led to many companies to recall their loaders and fix the loader arm pivot to be in front rather than at the back. The fixing enabled the operator to have unlimited visibility to the activities going on at the back, and around the loader. The operator was also safe when the pivot was brought in front. CAT was one of the companies that fixed the error, giving it a high rating and efficiency in relation to its wheel loaders.

Great development have been made in Heavy wheel loaders, where today we have some of the most sophisticated, efficient and reliable loaders from CAT company.

How the wheel loader work

Today’s loader is made up of a pivoted frame with the engine placed on top of the rear wheels. The canopy rests over the rear or front end of the articulated frame. The arrangement of the pivot is a key factor to the wheel loader efficiency and maneuverability aspect. The engines of modern power loaders are powered using torque converters, which move gears to drive the wheels. Wheel loaders are divided according to their horse power. Compact wheel loaders contain eighty or less horsepower.

Used CAT Heavy Wheel Loader is one of the best in the market today. This is because the specifications used to make CAT wheel loaders are hi tech, while considering all the aspects of loading, space and power relationships. CAT brands have been famous all through the evolution of wheel loaders dated as early as 1920’s. This is because of their positive reputation about loaders that offers the most advanced and efficient services in the loading industry. They have different classes of heavy wheel loaders that can be used in different projects of varying sizes.