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Used Backhoe Cat

used backhoe cat
Litter Box question.?

I adopted a cat that had kittens 3 wks ago. Well I no she can no longer use clumping litter at the moment for fear the kittens might eat some and cause and impaction. Well I think she is trying to tell me she does not like the normal clay litter. (I use Tidy Cat) She is now doing her number 2 outside the box. And she feels like she has to paw out all the litter when she is in there. I have 3 boxes for her and she is the only cat besides her babies. And I clean the boxes twice daily. I just scooped and can hear now pawing again and I know there is nothing in it. She is like a Backhoe. I might not survive till the kittens are old enough for clumping. Any suggestions anybody.

The only suggestion I would have for you that my mothers vet told her is to use shredded paper. I’m not sure if this will help either. The momma cat just may be doing this cause she is trying to keep herself clean for her babies. Sorry to hear your having troubles. We have one cat that likes to go outside the box when she gets mad at us when we won’t let her outside. So we went to Menards lumber yard and picked up the plastic runners (kind of like what you put under a computer chair to make it roll easier). How even at the lumber yard you can buy as many feet at a time as you want. The general litter box is between 1 1/2 feet to 3 ft long. So pick up about 8 feet of this stuff, cut it in half and then lay them side by side under the little box. Makes cleaning a snap. Maybe even over lap them a little. I think you can pick up the plastic runner stuff for less than $1.00 a foot. I think we paid like .49cents a foot. One more thing. Kittens can use clumping litter once they can start to use the litter box. We always went to the local liquor store and got one of those small box crates so it wasn’t so high for the kittens to climb into. We have never had any problems with kittens using clumping litter. I know some people advice against it, so each persons call. Just becareful the kittens don’t try to copy momma. Best of luck to you and if you need any more help or have any questions feel free to drop me an email.
Janet who answered above me does have a good idea, however my cats and my sisters cats refuse to use a covered litter box. They hate it and we had to remove the top. So your cat may be temperamental about that.Again good luck to you and the cute ones.

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