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The Unique Selling Proposition of Kubota Excavators

Kubota Corporation is a leading tractor and heavy equipment manufacturing company of Japan. It was established in 1890 in Osaka, Japan. The company is known for manufacturing environmentally friendly equipment which has over the years drastically improved the quality of farming. Kubota Corporation has many affiliates and subsidiaries across the globe, responsible for Kubota excavators for sale.

Japanese farms are smaller than the average American farm; however Kubota Corporation introduced its first tractor in 1969 in America which was a huge hit. The reason for its success was its high performance and its manoeuvrability. Over the years, Kubota received a number of prestigious awards and recognition for its excellence. The world appreciated Kubota’s contribution through honouring the company with the ‘Deming Award’ and ‘Sankei Newspaper Award’.

Kubota excavators for sale through excellent marketing strategies

In this highly competitive market, Kubota Corporation has implemented various marketing strategies to increase brand awareness of its products.

The company offers various financing alternatives through Kubota Credit Corporation in U.S.A. Customers are benefitted with equity financing options, competitive interest rates, property damage insurance and seasonal payment terms. The company also takes care of its dealers through numerous financing and lease programs.

Kubota has an intricate framework of the National Dealer Network, which provides excellent service of personal credit counselling and knowledge about financial products.

How different is Kubota from its competitors

Kubota has created a niche in the heavy equipment business in the global market. The products speak a lot about the company’s quality and business commitment. Kubota has a good business alliance with high performance brands like Paladin, Land Pride and Vermeer. This makes it convenient to purchase Kubota excavators from a single dealer, in one location. There is an option of buying a complete equipment package from one dealer, which makes point of purchase convenient and effective.

Corporate social responsibility

Kubota believes in business ethics. It supports the National FFA Organization whose aim is to make the future generations sustainable against the growing demand for food.

Every year Kubota reaches out to almost 60,000 children and adults and dissipates Progressive Agricultural Safety programs.

Kubota supports American Farm Bureau Young Farmer Award, which installs leadership opportunities and supports young and innovative farmers.

Kubota believes in a Glocal approach

Technology is the biggest boon to mankind and Kubota firmly believes in innovation and use of technology. With the use of computer technology Kubota has reached out to masses through web space.

You can hear about Kubota excavators for sale through Kubota First. It is a service, which updates you about new products, money saving financing options and special discounts and giveaways.

Kubota’s Construction company guide is a great platform for buyers and sellers to get information about using Kubota excavators. You can click on the model and get detailed information about the machine on the company’s web portal.

The company has also launched Construction Equipment Media Kit, which is easily available online. The kit delivers detailed information on how to advertise on the company’s website and print space. You can browse important details like contact details, subscriber information and product specifications.

Other special features of Kubota are:

Industry Newsletters
Personal online account
Auction newsletters
Auction Calendars
New equipment newsletters
RSS (Rich site summary) feeds which gives in depth explanation about news related sites, weblogs and other online publishers.

Kubota Corporation
with its modern and innovative thinking has reached the epitome of excellence. It’s a known brand that has a universal market and still striving to get better each day.