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The New VOLVO PL3005E Pipe Layer

Volvo keeps up the good work with heavy duty equipment. The latest E-Series pipelayer, PL3005E, is much improved in power, efficiency and productivity versus its predecessors and a hard competition to similar models. It is also supported by Volvo thorough technology (a telematics System) and also through it’s large dealer chain that can provide equipment within a day or two, depending on the machine’s location.

The Volvo PL3005E Pipelayer runs with the B8J Tier Four Final Engine, offering a better max torque by 8%, a better lift capacity by 7%, while at the same time it stands a 5% better fuel efficiency comparing to its predecessor.

The new model has also improved its LMS (Load Management System). The telematic offerings have been enhanced, and is has been enforced with safety and support options. Along with the excavator-based design, the improvements make Volvo PL3005E the best, most productive pipe layer of this size and capacity.

The new Volvo Pipelayer is perfect for pipe projects of medium size. It has a 55 ton tipping capacity and therefore is more productive than traditional dozer-style pipelayers. It’s excavator design serves two purposes. It allows more productive pipe laying and at the same time, the machine can serve as a traditional excavator with an extra purchase of the excavator kit. In 2 1/2 hours, the new Volvo pipelayer can be transformed to an excavator, and you can have two machines while purchasing only one. The machine’s hydraulics are fitted for piplelaying and excavator work, succeeding pest performance in both operations.

The operator can take advantage of the all around swing possibility and the stability on inclined ground to undertake successfully many jobs, making the Volvo Pipelayer a very good investment, that will return it’s cost in multiple ways and in very few time.

The PL3005E can be easily transported on a trailer or lowboy, between and around job sites. Now the transportation is easier than ever because the boom counterweight does not need to be disassembled before loading.




The new Volvo can safely swing around in 360 degrees, rotating around, lifting and placing pipe lines with stability on rugged terrain or slopes. It is very smooth to operate and therefore makes an excellent choice for inclined ground. Thanks to the 360 degree swing capability, the PL3005E is able to undertake many different applications. Loading, offloading, tieins, feeding bending machines. The 360� swing enables you to work all around the machine in a stationary position, so you can avoid moving the tracks and damaging the ground, as well as increase safety on the jobsite.


Very important are the safety features. The Load Management System is easier to use in the PL3005E than in the previous model. The display of the screen is in now in full colour and the graphics are easy and understandable by the operator.

The display shows the load information to the operator who, along with the visual and audio signals can perform at the highest safety. The led lights of three colours on the boom make the load status known to the other operators as an extra security precaution.

The new Volvo PL3005E has added more extra safety features, as a bar holding the end of the pipe while traveling and boom padding.



The new PL3005E is supported by the company through the traditional dealer support chain but also through technology. The pipelayer is equipped with a a Telematics system. That system monitors information and data and sends alerts. This way the new Volvo can never miss an onetime maintenance and service.


Volso offers one year of it’s ActiveCare Direct telematics program for free, as a testing period. This service targets those who do not have time or do not want to learn how to do the analysis of the data provided by their machine. Special analysts do that job 24 hours a day, monitoring the machines’s data, performance and health. The service also looks for ways to increase productivity and reduction of the cost!

Furthermore, the machine is supported by the Volvo 24 Hour Parts Guarantee, that make sure you can receive parts within 24 or 48 hours depending on your location.

In a nutshell, what the VOLVO PL3005E features


• Excavator based platform

• 360 degree capacity to swing

• Rugged terrain/inclined ground work

• New LMS (colored display, signals at load reach)

• Three led light of different colours for those working outside

• Wire sensor prevents the contact of the winch blocks

• 241 hp Volvo D8J Tier 4 Final Engine

• Care Track telematics System

• Optional excavator kit

• Rated Capacity 68,000 lb

• Tipping capacity: 120,000 lb

• Operating weight: 79,500 lb

• Standard Boom length 24 feet 4 inches.

• Extended boom length 30 feet 4 inches.



More details

The operator cabin is comfortable and spacious. The controls are ergonomically positioned and the noise and vibrations are most well absorbed and insulated. There is excellent visibility into the trench and around the worksite. The controls are places on the excavator cab layout.


Volvo also offers training in its pipelayer simulator, the first pipelayer simulator in the world. The simulator is sophisticated and realistic, therefore it ensures that the operator will come out fully trained and ready to operate the machine productively and with safety. The operators can be trained also for the excavator. The training includes also uncommon situations that the operator may face while operating the pipelayer.


Volvo, with the new, reinforced excavator based pipelayer, gives contractors the chance to commit to their mission faster, more efficiently and more safely than ever. The new PL3005E is competitive, and can get the job done in any condition. With greater maneurability, thanks to the 360 degrees swing capacity, the possibilities for pipe placement become infinite. Not only for the gas and oil industry but for any construction that concerns pipe lining or excavating.


Overall, the PL3005E, provides maximum safety, with maximum productivity not only as the best Pipelayer but also as a high standard excavator machine. Volvo, having invested on it’s top line machine, is supporting in with full training in a simulator, and a Bir range of service and maintenance support, using telematics, data analysis and also it’s broad dealer supply, making it an attractive choice. Innovative, comfortable, safe, high tech, the Volvo PL3005E, can satisfly the most demanding contractors with the most difficult taks, anywhere in the world.

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