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The Best Vacuum Street Sweeper


Vacuum street sweeper combines a tried and tested low-maintenance design with a short wheel base and an extra-wide sweeping area. Even a used vacuum street sweeper provides a pick-up flexibility, versatiity and performance that enables you to choose one or two nozzles, in addition to 28 or 36 inches side brooms that can sweep a maximum path of 12 inches. The sweeper also offers the alternative of cab over or conventional chassis. From its generally robust build to unique extending nozzle, a Vacuum Street sweepers is the best in truck mounted sweepers.

How a vacuum sweeper works

In a vacuum sweeper, an engine internally powers a fan, which in turn creates a suction/vacuum. Typically, the sweeper has a suction inlet fitted on one side of the sweeping head. The �used’ is then regularly exhausted while the sweeping process is in progress. Most don’t have an air blast that links the vacuum opening. Instead, they employ a certain kind of broom system that brushes debris towards the vent in the head.

Part of the motivation for the introduction of the same was the realization that most of the debris, more so the heavy debris, gather within an area of 36 inches from the curb line. Vacuum sweepers are therefore designed to effectively do a task of cleaning around this area. Such used vacuum street sweepers are the current favorite for use in �storm water runoff reduction sweeping’ in regions where most of the debris lie within 36 inches of the curb line.

How vacuum street sweepers pick debris

Vacuum street sweepers lift the debris right into the hopper or debris body along with air. They suck the debris of the ground via a large nozzle right into the hopper using a mechanism similar to that of conventional home vacuum. Latest, regenerative used vacuum street sweepers use vacuum air to suck the material off the ground and into the hopper.



Water is a major issue in the sweeper world. Due to the fact that vacuum street sweepers do not use water, they have particularly gained popularity among fleets situated in colder areas. This is because; this type allows them to do their cleaning all year-round without worrying about frozen tanks. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also help you pick up fine particles from the surface-enabling you to do the work that would otherwise be done by two sweepers.

Ideal for uneven roads

Vacuum street sweepers are especially designed for uneven roads and jobs that involve sand, dirt, millings, leaves, general street sweeping as well as road debris applications. They are also ideal for the renovation of permanent pavements and regular catch basin cleaning.


Latest street sweepers do not merely clean one surface: a street. This is a feature that is well known to the fleets-streets are not as simple as that. Streets could actually be hilly or flat, smooth or rough, newly laid or full of potholes-all rolled into one. Consequently, what your sweeper will pick vary from large debris to fine dust. Further, the debris may change depending on season, say from salt and sand to leaves and stick.

There has, therefore, been a steady increase in used vacuum street sweeper with extra versatility to effectively tackle multiple applications. The wide array of needs leaves fleets with the option of either buying several distinct sweepers designed for the specific tasks or to acquire used vacuum street sweeper that can handle everything at a go. Versatility is a growing trend as far as vacuum sweepers are concerned.

Unique Suitability

Vacuum street sweeper use is ideal for ultra-modern surroundings where the land available is too little for the installation of mechanical controls. The use should hence be considered in industrial sites, commercial business districts, and heavily developed areas that are situated close to receiving waters. For highway applications, the use of vacuum street sweepers is appropriate for road shoulders, rest stop parking regions, or maintenance yards. To realize best results, use the most sophisticated vacuum street sweepers, at least bimonthly. Vary the frequency depending on conditions of the surfaces, carefully assessing if rules, such as limited street parking during and prior to sweeping, are in force.

Types of street sweepers

Mechanical sweepers-utilize a rotating gutter broom to pick materials from the gutter area. It uses water spray to contain dust. The debris picked are put in the path of a broom that rotates carrying the debris to a conveyer belt and finally into a storage hopper.

Vacuum-aided sweepers-uses gutter brooms to pick materials from the ground. The materials are then put in the pathway of a vacuum intake that conveys the same to the hopper. The conveyed materials are then saturated with water. The overall efficiency is higher than that of mechanical sweeper.

Tandem sweepers-operations are completed through two successive cleaning processes, first through the use of a mechanical sweeper, immediately followed by a vacuum aided sweeper.

Vacuum street sweepers-blow air onto the street and immediately vacuum the surface to remove the accumulated sediments. Air is purposely regenerated for blowing via a dust separation system.

Note that, apart from vacuum sweepers, the other types of sweepers are not effective in the removal of very fine debris.

Advantages of vacuum street sweeper

  • · Apart from being effective in the removal of fine debris, vacuum street sweepers have the following advantages:
  • · Thorough cleaning in the close proximity of curb lines
  • · Less dust is generated compared to other types of sweepers
  • · Fewer moving parts, resulting in less wear and tear
  • · Do a better job on irregular streets over the relatively narrow width of the sweeping broom itself.
  • · Unlike other types of sweepers, they do not require dust suppression water


A vacuum street sweeper is your ultimate sweeping equipment. If you are tired of having to pock the debris before doing the actual sweeping, or of the practice of using water every time you are sweeping, a vacuum street sweeper is ideal for you. Apart from having few movable parts, hence its minimal wear, it has all the positive qualities of its predecessors, and incorporates the latest inventions.

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