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Skid Steer Grapple

A skid steer grapple can help you to save time and money on construction projects. This tool is one of the most popular attachments for a skid steer loader. It has gusseted teeth which allow it to grip a wide variety of loads, such as logs and rocks. Some offer operators advanced reach and are ideal for digging or sifting heavy loads.

Root Versus Bucket Grapples
In general, there are two main types of grapples which are commonly utilized on construction projects across the United States. The first is the root style grapple and it has claws on both the top and bottom. This is also frequently described as a brush or rake tool. Those with claws on top and a bucket on the bottom are referred to as bucket style grapples. Bucket style grapples are excellent for holding dirt and other loose material. Root grapples are better suited to sorting through dirt to pick up tree branches and other heavy objects. They weigh slightly more than bucket grapples so you should bear this in mind if you are thinking about getting one for your construction projects.

Special Types of Skid Steer Grapples
There are several different types of skid steer grapples which are used on intensive construction projects that require these tools to provide more resistance to bending. These are made of high tensile grade steel so they are durable but do not break under pressure. They may usually be put in one of the following categories:
Extreme grapples
Heavy duty grapples
Light duty grapples

Skid steer grapples may also be differentiated by their capacity or the size of the machinery that they are used with. Some start at 60 inches while others go all the way up to 88 inches. They may be placed in one of these categories:
High capacity grapples
Mini grapples
Extreme demolition grapples
Large machine grapples

Multi-Purpose Grapples
It is important to choose the right grapple for your needs. Some, such as the Quick Claw Grapple Root Rake, are multi-functional and will be a good investment if you frequently work on a wide variety of jobs. You can use these tools to remove roots from the earth when you are preparing the foundation for a building or pick up concrete, rocks and other materials with them.

Large Machine Grapples
Large machine grapples are available in both root and bucket styles. They are typically used on backhoes and are great for demolishing commercial and residential structures. If you need to clear land for construction, they will be a good choice as well. Operators frequently use them with compact wheel loaders and they have teeth which open up to around 52 inches.

Extreme Demolition Grapples
Extreme demolition grapples are made to fit machines of up to 30 tons and more. They are great for really heavy duty demolition projects and can be used to demolish wood, crush masonry or sort and load rubble. Operators who use these on extreme projects will find that they make it much easier to clean up debris.

Mini Skid Steer Grapples
Mini skid steer grapples are ideal for really small tractors and skid steer loaders. They are quite strong but light. They fit well on mini excavators and make it easy to build a wall or lay pipe for a building. With these strong tools, you can easily pick up tires, rocks with unusual shapes or tree stumps.

High Capacity Grapples
High capacity grapples are made for skid steer loaders that have a high horsepower. They can be used to carry really heavy objects. They are strong and are made of thick material which is resistant to scratches and dents. These make it possible for you to move bulk material faster.

Best Grapples Brands
The best manufacturers of skid steer grapples pay attention to detail in the design of their tools. Each grapple is made to last and can withstand many years of pressure under extreme conditions. These are the best grapples brands today:
Caterpillar or Cat
New Holland
John Deere

Skid steer grapples are a valuable addition to the equipment that any construction company uses. These tough tools help you to clear land for a building quickly. They make it easy to move concrete, dirt and other heavy materials from one location to another and reduce lost work hours due to injury by providing a more convenient way to get strenuous tasks done.

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