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My Car Keeps Skidding..brakes or Tires??4 Questions Here?

Everytime it rains and such I have to slow down really early..if i don’t have enough time i run the amber. I know my brakes are kind of bad but I was wondering if it could be the tires as well?
As well my steering shifts out of place easily, I was told it’s the suspension and my mechanic said its not worth fixing cause it would be over 1000 bucks (its a 91 honda).
I know its an old car, my mechanic seems to not want to fix things that "can last" saying its garbage, but I feel that putting 3000 worth of work in would be worth it rather than buying a used car and having a million other things go wrong…opinions please? As well it only has 280 000 kms on it.
it doesn’t need 3000 bucks work, but I was thinking to put some work into it. I really love my car, and the body is rust at all.

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  1. kelly_f_1999
    June 20th, 2010 at 00:02 | #1

    tires are what holds the car on the road brakes are what stops it so if your skiding then tires are bad or the brakes are locking up..mechanic seems like he dont want your money id stop some where else and really a 91 would be about a 1000 buck to buy so guess its up to you has what you want to do but tires dont cost that much and brakes most anyone can do any it really depends on what parts are bad with suspension shouldnt be that high to replace most so im thinking maybe its time to find a mechanic and tires

  2. Tee
    June 20th, 2010 at 00:02 | #2

    If the car needs $3,000 in repairs, then buy a new used car with good tires, brakes, and suspension. A ’91 is ready for the trash heap or for a young mechanically inclined kid to take on. Don’t put any more money into the car.

  3. Auto guru
    June 20th, 2010 at 00:02 | #3

    I have an 89 Honda Civic and I have a similar problem. I recently put nerw tires on it and since they are disconinuing making the normal tire size I had to go to a slightly larger tire. A good thing is I got a lilttle better fuel economy, but since the car is light and the tire is wider, on rainy roads it tends to slip when braking. If brake are bad, they may be a little grabby and can use a brake service to repair it.
    On another note, in this current day and age, there just ain’t enough money floating around to buy new cars, with banks failing, people defaulting on loans….You would be wise to ignore the naysayers and keep your car, make the repairs as you can afford them. And always make safety related repairs first.

  4. baldie
    June 20th, 2010 at 00:02 | #4

    if your tires are smooth its probably the tires.

  5. lbhietala
    June 20th, 2010 at 00:02 | #5

    Okay, let’s focus on the important bit first – the mechanic says it’s worth more than the car’s value to fix what needs fixing, but that’s answering the wrong question. The question that needs asking is, is it more expensive to fix this car, or to buy a new car? I’m driving a 20-yr-old truck and it’s still cheaper to throw parts and labor at it than to try to afford a new one.

    Brakes: when braking, do your wheels lock up, or are the brakes not doing the job like they should? If the wheels are locking up, it sounds like the tires are bald. Bald grips better in the dry, but barely grips at all when wet. Get those replaced. If it’s the brakes, change out the pads, and have them inspected – by someone other than your current mechanic – to see if there’s a splash shield or something like that missing.

    If it’s money that’s holding you back from taking this step, consider: how much more expensive is an accident, repairs, missed work due to injuries, and STILL needing brakes and tires?

    Shifty steering could be excessive slop in the steering rack, worn tie rod ends, worn ball joints – pretty much your entire front suspension, just like the man says. Get that stuff fixed though, and it’ll ride like a new car. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

    Your mechanic is doing you no favors. Dump him and find a new one. Even if the new mechanic charges more, you’ve got a good shot at getting more honest assessments.

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