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Mini Excavators for Sale

Excavator is the heavy construction equipments used primarily for the purpose of digging trenches, holes or foundations. The other purposes for which it is used are demolition, lifting and placing heavy materials, river dredging and landscaping. The term excavator is used for digging purposes. Due to hydraulic cylinders and motors all movement is happening by the use of hydraulic fluid.

Excavators having a wide range of sizes and capacities. The heavier units having greater lift capacity. The smallest sized excavator is called “Mini Excavator”, or “Compact Excavator”.  Mini Excavators are versatile and compact digging machines used mostly for digging and landscaping jobs. These type of excavators having three assemblies a house, under carriage and work group. It is not miss lead due to its small size because it is tightly fitted to perform duties as bigger can do.  The most important factor while choosing smaller excavator is the amount of work group movement.

The important Properties of “Mini Excavators”:

Confluencing:  This property maximizes the hydraulic power to perform three functions at once such as driving, slewing and digging.

Boom Swing:  This Excavator can perform offset digging around obstacles or along foundations with narrow cab rotation.

Dozer Blade:  This is used for grading, leveling, backfilling and general dozer work. When Dozer Blade is in contact with ground behind the mini excavator it is more stable than digging.

Expending Tracks:  By this property machine can fit through gates and doors and then expand the tracks on the other side to make mini excavator stable for the purpose of digging.

Zero String: The machine having zero tail design because upper structure can turn within the width of tracks.

Mini Excavator having weight generally 1500kg and bucket size of 0.036 m3 and very popular in metropolitan areas due to the reason that it occupies limited space. It is used for improved services and also for reduction in maintenance cost.

Tasks that Mini Excavator is Able to perform:

By attaching a hammer breaking up rocks and digging holes for pipe. Due to its small size it will not disturbing traffic and can work near streets also. And Used for digging up for landscaping or for pool.

Advantages of Mini Excavator:

This machine can rotate in a 360 degree circle and do not have to move around a lot when working. Due to its small size it can be easily loaded on a pull behind a truck trailer.

Attachments of Mini Excavator:

For digging large holes and scooping up rocks and also for dirt to be moved out of the way the attachment that is used is “Tilt Bucket”. When Buckets cannot scoop up and for picking up rocks and trees and other large objects the other attachment that is used is “Grapples”.  To remove unwanted objects or smoothing out a surface by filtering through dirt “Clearing Rakes” are used. “Metal Shears” are used for cutting metals and other hard materials into different sections. For cutting trees into different section “Wood Splitters” are used. Mini Excavators attachments for sale are not expensive and increase the versatility of this machine.

Mini Excavator is useful for those who are into mining work and small time for construction work and also for those who wants to do bulk lifting. Due to its compact size and a lot of strength as mini digger it gains popularity amongst construction firms and successfully reducing the human effort into heavy construction work.

  1. Chris
    August 2nd, 2012 at 00:44 | #1

    Do you know where I can find a good deal on one of these mini excavators?

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