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List of Dump Truck Manufacturers

Dump trucks are big trucks that are used to carry loose materials like ore, sand and gravel. They are mainly used in constructing industries. These trucks come in different sizes and classes. They can be categorized as off-road haul, transfer, standard, articulated and the trailer dump trucks. Each of these trucks is used to perform different tasks and is produced by a different manufacturer. In the section below, I will help you identify the various manufactures of these dump trucks.

List of dump truck manufacturers

1. Volvo construction equipment

Volvo construction equipment is one of the operating arms of the Swedish giants “AB Volvo”. They mainly focus on fulfilling the construction industry demands. Currently, the company has seven truck models that are offered in the F series category. These categories are further sub-divided into various different types. To the surprise of many, this brand serves its product to over 200 countries world wide. Other products manufactured by the company include hydraulic diggers, backhoe loaders and wheel loaders.

2. Scania

The company was started in 1871. The other Swedish company dealing with manufacturing of dump trucks is ‘scania’. It is one of the major companies that are well known for manufacturing trucks and buses to the world market. Some of its manufacturing branches are in France, Argentina, Russia, Netherlands and many other countries. The company operates under Volkswagen AG- a German group. One of the reasons why Scania dump trucks are mostly preferred is that they are know to be more reliable when it comes to working under tough conditions.

3. Freightliner Trucks

It is an American brand that functions under a germen group known as Daimler AG. The company has been operating since 1942. Some of the well known haulers brands that have been manufactured by the company consist of 114SD, Coronado SD and FLD SD. Some of the unique characteristics of dumpers from this marquee are:
· Power
· Fuel efficiency
· Their muscular design
Apart from manufacturing the Freightliner brand, the company is also the proud manufacturers of all the kind of trucks from the Mercedes-Benz brand.

4. Hitachi Construction Machinery

Hitachi is also a well known name in the construction industry. The company offers a wide range of construction products. It is as noted for producing rigid dump trucks. Most of the company’s products are used Asian and European construction markets. Other products produced by the company are cranes, mounted crushers and excavators.

5. Kenworth

This is another American company which was started around 1923. The brand is a subsidiary of PACCAR. PACCAR is one of the well known manufacturers of heavy duty trucks. Apart from manufacturing factory trucks, the company also produces custom made trucks as per each buyers demand and needs. The largest customer base for the company is situated in USA, Mexico, Canada and Australia. The company is also renowned for producing the best dump truck models. Some of the models are T440, T660 and C500.

6. Caterpillar

In America, Caterpillar brands are one of the best products people prefer to work with in construction industry. The brand offers articulated, mining and off-highway trucks which are categorized in the dump truck category. All the brands from Caterpillar Company are trade marked with a yellow color. The company ensures that the caterpillar trucks are up to date. They make sure that they are incorporated with the latest technology.

7. Tata Motors

This is a major supplier of construction equipment especially in the Indian markets. The brands of dump trucks produced by the company are well known because of their durability and fuel efficiency. These trucks are mostly used in medium scale project due to their much lower cost as compared to other trucks. It is believed that this Indian brand is the 4th largest truck manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

8. Komatsu

There is no doubt that Komatsu deserves to be the best brands when it comes to dump trucks. It has a line up of electric, articulated and mechanical dump trucks. These trucks work best for all construction projects, big or small. The company commenced its business in 1970. Since then, it has claimed to have incorporated all the innovative technologies and human engineering it all their machines.

Since purchasing of dump trucks is a difficult procedure, you should always carry out a deep research on the specific characteristics you need the truck to have in performing its function.

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