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I Need the Answers to the Traffic School Online Final Exam?

pleased help me answer this :).
1. Liability insurance protects you against:
A. claims from an uninsured motorist
B. claims if you are not at fault in a collision
C. claims if you are at fault in a collision.
D. all of the above
2. The high accident rate of large trucks is caused in large part by ________.
A. fatigue
B. speeding
C. weather conditions
D. equipment malfunctions
3. A _____ limit applies when traveling near school zones where children are outside or crossing the street.
A. 10 mph
B. 20 mph
C. 25 mph
D. 35 mph
4. The majority of pedestrian fatalities occur:
A. at intersections
B. in cross-walks
C. when a pedestrian suddenly runs across the path of a vehicle
D. in parking lots
5. If your vehicle stalls in the middle of the roadway, you should:
A. turn on your headlights
B. move off the roadway as quickly as possible
C. immediately call for help
D. try to get someone to assist you
6. At intersections without marked crosswalks, who has the right-of-way?
A. the vehicle on the right
B. the vehicle that arrives first
C. bicyclists
D. pedestrians
7. On a three-lane highway that designates one lane of traffic for each direction, the middle lane is used for:
A. emergency vehicles
B. regular through traffic
C. parking
D. vehicles making left turns or passing
8. You are NOT allowed to make U-turns:
A. on two-way streets
B. from left turn lanes
C. in front of fire stations
D. unless a sign permits it
9. _______ of all wrecks occur within 25 miles of home.
A. One-quarter
B. Half
C. Two-thirds
D. Three-quarters
10. Large trucks take _________ to stop than other vehicles traveling at the same speed.
A. a longer time
B. a shorter time
C. the same amount of time
D. very little time
11. A truck takes ________ to accelerate and brake than does a car.
A. less time
B. the same amount of time
C. more time
D. almost as much time
12. When the road gets rough with potholes, bumps, mud clumps, and loose sand or gravel, you should __________ to retain control of your vehicle.
A. slow down
B. pull over
C. shift to a lower gear
D. ride your brakes
13. When you see animals on the road, you should:
A. honk your horn
B. flash your headlights
C. slow down and be prepared to stop
D. accelerate
14. After completing your pass, you should return to your lane:
A. when you can see both headlights of the vehicle you just passed in your rearview mirror
B. as soon as possible
C. when you are one car-length ahead of the vehicle you just passed
D. when you see oncoming vehicles approaching
15. A Class ____ license allows you to ride any motor bike.
A. C
C. M1
D. 2
16. _______ paint on a curb means no stopping, standing, parking, loading, or unloading.
A. White
B. Yellow
C. Green
D. Red
17. Which of the following is an unsafe area to drive?
A. in another vehicle’s blind spot
B. side-by-side another vehicle
C. in clusters of vehicles
D. all of the above
18. California law requires those under ___________ to wear a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet while operating a bicycle or riding on one as a passenger.
A. 12 years of age
B. 16 years of age
C. 18 years of age
D. 21 years of age
19. _________ occurs when a thin film of water builds up between the tires and pavement and makes steering and braking practically impossible.
A. Velocitation
B. Highway hypnosis
C. Hydroplaning
D. Skidding
20. Two-lane, undivided highways have a speed limit of ______.
A. 35 mph
B. 45 mph
C. 55 mph
D. 65 mph
21. If you have a green light, it is __________ to enter an intersection if your way through it is blocked.
A. your right
B. safe
C. to your advantage
D. against the law
22. Ice tends to form in shady areas, as well as:
A. on freeways
B. on the shoulder of the road
C. on railroad crossings
D. on bridges and overpasses
23. _________ refers to speeding without realizing it.
A. Highway hypnosis
B. Velocitation
C. Road rage
D. Inertia
24. Implied consent means that drivers agree in advance to take a blood alcohol concentration test:
A. only if ordered by a judge
B. only on the advice of an attorney
C. if an accident has occurred
D. whenever they drive in California
25. ____________ are the most frequent victims of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians.
A. The handicapped
B. Women
C. Children
D. The elderly

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  1. i
    June 16th, 2010 at 21:38 | #1

    dude all you have to do is study very hard it’s multiple choice and the questions are common sense

  2. oklatom
    June 16th, 2010 at 21:38 | #2

    Did you pay attention to the on line course? All those things were covered. Us giving you the answers won’t help you a bit.

    But they are all simple, and easy enough to answer. Look at 24 for example. Implied consent. What does that mean? Simple, it means in return for getting this license, you consent to be tested. Period. D. Whenever they drive in California.

    Or 21, if the way is blocked…is it safe to enter?

    Come on, use your common sense, and reread the course if you have to.

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