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HOw Do I Beat the Great Destoryers in James Cameron's Avatar Game?

The hint says I can use the environment to cut the link but I cannot find any destoryable environment excpet the exploding plants and they dont do anything to the bulldozer.

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  1. e_cool
    March 5th, 2011 at 10:24 | #1

    If you wanna beat a game, you gotta be 100% determined and focused. Say to yourself, "I am going to beat this game." Here is how I usually beat games.

    Step 1) Get the game guide. Almost every game will come with some sort of game guide that walks your through each level, gives details on all the different characters and provides tips on how to escape certain areas and battle certain bosses.

    Step 2) Get the codes and tips. As with the game guides, these codes are available online or from a reference guide sold in bookstores. You can even get these now on your mobile phone.

    Step 3) Keep moving. In almost every video game, players get killed when they stop moving or don’t move fast enough. This is true in games from Scrabble to Halo 3. When you find yourself in a position where you’re not sure what’s going on, either hit the pause button and take a moment to figure out where you are, or just push through until you find a safe place to sit and take stock.

    Step 4) Check out the official game site. Almost every game will have an official game site, which will most likely also include game information as well as forums that players use to pass along information. This can be a great source of material as you move through each level of a game.

    Step 5) Keep track of your progress. Many games will allow you to look back and review the progress that you’ve made in a game. If it doesn’t, keep track of the bosses or beasts that you’ve encountered the old fashioned way: with a pen and paper. Many times, game developers will recycle these characters, and knowing how you beat them before will come in handy when you face them again

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