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Heavy Skid Loader Tires

Rugged heavy skid loader tires help to move one of the most heavily utilized pieces of equipment in the construction industry. These accessories are made to last and tires on both sides can be locked in synchronization. The wheels can be turned at different speeds to drag the machine along in all sorts of harsh working conditions. Skid wheels are strong enough to prevent loaders from being damaged by the torsional forces that they are exposed to on a regular basis. They are the tires of choice for intensive projects all across North America. Whether you are using the gear to do an excavation, recycling bricks or landscaping you can rely on them.

This type of tire is used by professionals and men and women who need to get regular tasks done around their own private projects or on large work sites. They are strong enough to be utilized in various farming applications and will not disappoint you whether you are constructing a residential building from scratch or need to complete the demolition of a commercial structure. With each year that passes, skid loaders and the tires and other accessories that are used with them become even more advanced.

Choose the Right Tread Design
Skilled operators rely on heavy skid loader tires in a wide range of applications. However, even in this niche, you can find minor differences among different tires that will make one more suitable for a specific application than another. The function of a skid loader tire will depend on the type of treading that it is designed with. Tires which are specifically designed for a particular purpose are preferred by skid loader operators who habitually work in a particular area, such as on a farm or on demolition projects. Specialized tread designs improve machine performance and make it easier to operate at a lower cost per hour.

Hard Surface Skid Steer Tires
Hard surface skid steer tires are ideal for projects that involve concrete areas. For example, if you are doing a construction project at a commercial carport and need to do a lot of work on a concrete surface, these will be ideal. Skid steer tires in this subcategory provide an excellent grip on pavement so you give less work to your engine and can spend less money on fuel. These are extremely resistant to cuts and abrasions and do not leave tread marks on your pavement. Usually, they are made with more than one layer of steel to prevent punctures. Tires such as these provide extra comfort for operators as they carry out their tasks.

Severe Service Skid Steer Tires
Severe service skid steer tires are preferred to standard models because their treads are not as easily rubbed off on hard concrete surfaces. These extra heavy duty tires have a really deep treat and most also offer rim guards. They are protected with compounds which provide additional resistance to chunk damage. If you need tires that will not wear readily when they are utilized on gravel, these are a good alternative. They are also suitable for glass plants, scrap yards and demolition projects. If you need to work with rocks on your construction site these may also be a safer alternative that help you to save money since you will need to replace them less often.

Best Brands of Heavy Skid Loader Tires
The top heavy skid loader tires provide optimal performance under all conditions. They are ideal for heavy duty off road purposes and will not give you handling problems because of ice or water. The best manufacturers of heavy skid loader tires include:
Ertl John Deere
Michelin Bibsteel

The top models include tires from the leading manufacturers in the industry, such as Michelin. Some of the best tires for your equipment are:
The Bobcat skid steer 10-16.5 Supermax tire
The Michelin Bibsteel hard surface skid steer tire
The Titan Ultimate skid loader tire

When you need skid steer tires you should always stick to good brands or get advice from a reputable dealer on new brands that you are interested in. Some manufacturers release tires on the market that have an uneven diameter, so they wear quickly and also put pressure on your equipment. These also give rise to a number of safety issues. Poorly made tires may also lack a good tread face and be made of materials which wear very quickly when compared to some of the better brands which are available.

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