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Cat Heavy Duty Scraper Blades

Scraper blades are often referred to as earth moving equipment. This is because they are mostly used in construction for the purpose of moving objects on the ground. Cat heavy duty scraper blades are some of the best earth moving equipment on the market. They basically come in two types and each option has its features, uses and advantages.

Scraper blades are often attached to tractors in order to be used in earth moving. Aside from construction, they are also used for destruction purposes to bring down structures. The type of blade chosen for earth moving is determined by the type of work being done, conditions in which the work is being done and the amount of work being done.


The first type of scraper blades is the panel. It usually comes in form of a flat panel that is fitted on a tractor. The panel is slanted at an angle in order for it to be able to dig in to the earth and move it effectively without leaving anything behind. This type of blade is favorable for shallow ground that needs moving. Also, the ground should have minimal obstacles in form of small stones instead of huge rocks. The best performance feature about this blade is that it levels the ground it moves. The width of the blade to be used is determined by the ground in question.

The panel blade also has the curved option. This type of blade often has a wide surface area for the purpose of digging out earth and carrying it. Most of these blades are attached to elevating scrapers that are able to self load the moved earth.


Forked blades are the most common type of cat heavy duty scraper blades. Forked blades come in the form of single steel slats on a rod that is fixed on a tractor. This type of blade is mostly used for digging purposes. Most extraction jobs use this type of blade. The forks can either be wide spaced which will lead to few forks on the rod, or thin spaced which will lead to several forks on the rod. Wide spaced forks tend to have stronger slats that are able to dig through the ground to remove large obstacles in form of large rocks. The forked blades have an option of having hinged forks that are able to dig through earth by rotating on the ground.

Caterpillar is widely known for construction of earth moving equipment. They first started out by creating tractors. The tractors went through several phases and improvements over the years from the first creation in 1941. The need for scraper blades became a necessity hence leading to Caterpillar creating heavy duty scraper blades that perfectly fit their line of tractors. The oscillating scraper blades are a new addition to the construction industry. High speed steel is the most original material used to make blades. The use of carbide is a recent addition in the industry.

  • Pros of Cat heavy duty scraper blades

Caterpillar has proved to be the best manufacturer of scrapers and scraper blades. Their blades are more superior to others in the industry due to a couple of advantages.


Cat scraper blades are made of high speed steel which is one of the most durable metals in the industry. This metal is able to stand the test of time, humid conditions, high temperatures and harsh weather conditions. They require minimal maintenance and their durability feature have made them a favorite of many construction projects.



The best thing about cat scraper blades is that they efficiently execute the intended purpose. The panel and fork blades are able to dig through ground and extract any necessary objects. Panel blades level the ground level for maximum efficiency. This reduces the effort used by construction workers.


When attached to tractors, these blades are able to dig through earth, move it and remove it from the particular site. This means that any excess earth or debris can be moved from the site to prevent any possible damages on the environment


The evolution of scraper blades has been fore-seen to continue in accordance to the market needs and changes. The oscillating blades are one of the newest inventions that have been well received for construction purposes. The future of cat heavy duty scraper blades is brighter than ever owing to the fact that real estate has hit the society. Despite claims of these tools being overtaken by technology, the Caterpillar Company always demystifies these with bigger and better inventions. It is with no surprise that construction experts are looking forward to a possible new addition of blades and scarpers due to the prowess of Caterpillar.

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