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The bulldozers are a heavy duty machines that are very crucial in the construction industry. This machine was purposely designed to assist in heavy duty construction works, which would have rather taken a lot more time if a different method was used. The bulldozer is not limited to a particular function but can be involved in several works that it proves to be effective than any other machine available. Used bulldozers can be as effective as the new ones particularly if they have been serviced well.

Basically, a bulldozer is able to push rocks or earth, can be used in farming, road construction, wrecking or demolishing structures, digging the ground, loading soil on trucks, spreading mounted soil and so on. A bulldozer is particularly designed to adapt to every particular heavy duty works available in the construction industry.

Just having a bulldozer by itself can be very productive as it can accomplish many types of excavation but still, it can be quite useful when combined with other machines.

How does a bulldozer work?

Mechanically speaking, a bulldozer is designed with a large powerful engine and steel tracks that makes it ideal for its purpose. This is how the heavy duty machine is capable of pulling, pushing and carrying loads of tonnes all day long without much break.

What are the basic parts of a bulldozer?

Generally, if you look at a bulldozer you might see more than enough part attached to it. Nevertheless, there are three main parts of this heavy machine that is worth taking note of.

1. The Blade

The blade is the heavy metal blade that is attached to the front of this machine by a push frame. It’s basically the tool by which the bulldozer uses to scoop soil substances and push heavy objects. The blade comes in one of the 3 designed available;

  • · S-blade – it is short, has no side wings or lateral curve
  • · U-blade – quite tall and curved with protruding side wings that enables it to gather more quantity.
  • · S-U blade – it’s simply a combination of the two types of blades.


2. The Tracks

The track is what enables the bulldozer to push through unimaginable forces, it is the reason the machine will hold its ground despite the loads of forces against it. The tracks of the bulldozer definitely vary in design, you probably know of the triangle and the oval arrays because they are the most common. The triangular high-drive system adapted by the modern Caterpillar bulldozer company is aimed to give the driver a higher cab position. This improves the visibility of the operator and enhances the machine’s traction and balance across the various applications.

3. The Ripper

This is an important tool that is placed on the opposite end of where the blade is positioned. The ripper uses a hydraulic cylinder for its power and usually banks on the weight of the bulldozer for its functionality. Just as its name suggests, it is used to break or rip up hard surfaces so that it can easily be pushed or scooped by the blade. The ripper’s tip is customized with a replaceable tungsten steel alloy in case they become blunt. A modified ripper such as the stump-buster rippers is mounted horizontally and the rare blades are specifically used to shred or split tree stumps.

The hydraulic cylinders – are equally crucial to the two basic parts of the bulldozer mainly because they make movement operations possible. When you are shopping for used bulldozers you need to pay close attention to the important parts if you are to get a heavy duty machine that would serve you for quite some time.

The bulldozers sheer performance and power cannot be doubted and that is why they are greatly being advanced for battle field combat.

Basic tips about your used bulldozer

It is important to know that you can actually purchase and replace different parts of a bulldozer. As long as you know the make, you can actually place a specific order and your bulldozer part is shipped until the required destination.

The bulldozers diesel engine is designed and manufactured single as it is a complex system. It is usually purchased when completely assembled and in fact it certified to begin operating on arrival.

As the engine sits on the front of this heavy machinery, the transmission operates from the rare end. Basically, the two are connected by a lengthy shaft and also supported by bearings and couplings.

The cab can also be bought separately as a finished assembly. It is shipped with array of the controls and electronics. The cab is mounted on steel pads that are located at the bulldozer frame. After the cab has been successfully mounted, all the necessary connections are made to enable the functionality of the cab in terms of the hydraulics controls including other basic operation of the bulldozer.

One of the largest companies that specialize in manufacturing of bulldozers across the globe is known as the Caterpillar. The name comes from the crawling insect that the movement techniques were developed from. Other professional companies include John Deere, Komatsu and JBC. You can always view the various sizes and specifications. The calfdozer is like a small bulldozer, such types of machines are manufactured to enable a more compact variant that are adaptable in the urban towns that have limited space to accommodate the big machines. .

All the same, having a bulldozer in your construction company can be of great help as it can achieve a great amount of work in a short span of time. You can basically choose to purchase a brand new machine, or you could think of getting a used bulldozer instead. You can easily get a used machine but still in good working condition. If your company has more excavation jobs, you would do so much well if you had a bulldozer at your disposal. It is also quite vital to understand how such heavy duty machines are to be maintained to avoid frequent breakdowns. Ensure you do proper research before any further decisions are made.

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    I am looking to RENT a big bulldozer for one day for a low budget short film. I want to slide a 2004 Ford Mustang into the blade. Owner/Operator can be in film!. Filming Saturday, Jan 14th, just off the 14 Freeway, ten miles from Mojave, California. Please call me at (310) 795-0185 if you have a machine that will do the job. Thanks!


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    did you ever get the dozer you needed?

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