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Bri-Mar Dump Trailer

Dump Trailers are hydraulic machines (vehicles) that are used to transport materials, (especially in construction sites), deliver them to where they are required and offload it on its own. And because it just needs to pour out the material when it has reached its destination, these kinds of trailers are used mostly to transport materials that do not careful handling. However, this does not mean that they can’t transport such stuff. But it will mean that it does not employ its hydraulic system to deposit the materials on the ground.

By 1905, necessity, I believe, forced mankind to develop the first dumper trailer. Companies that constructed these heavy machines made a lot of money during the World War I due to an incredible demand of dump trailers. A dump trailer is fitted with an open-backed trailer, which has hinges at the rear and is pegged on hydraulic system. These pistons are what lift the trailer, thus dumping or depositing the material in it on the ground. This feature alone makes dump trailer one of the most effective equipment at a construction sites. It also makes it very easy to use, and in need of less manpower .


While some trailers will require you to employ off-loaders to remove for you your stuff, Bri-Mar Dump Trailers will do this job on their own. Even if you are not charged for off-loading by a trailer’s owner who has delivered some items for you, then still they would waste a lot of time removing things at the slow pace of a human being. This can be avoided easily by making Bri-Mar Trailers your choice.

The success that Bri-Mar Manufacturing has realized will not allow you to agree that the company was founded just as recently as 1995. Over this short period, it has grown to be one of the leading makers of hydraulic dump trailers in this part of the globe.

For a trailer manufacturer, the main focus of the product should be on durability and reliability. And hasn’t Bri-Mar delivered on these? Of course! Our trailers can handle the tough loads, and are setting the trend in innovation and in excellent features. Bri-Mar prides itself on its main product line of dump trailers. The unimaginable creativity that has been deployed when building this great craft has produced top-shelf components that cannot be copied, nor replicated anywhere else.

Being a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, Bri-Mar is proud to hold a stake in “Building Safer Trailers for Tomorrow. It totally conforms to the guidelines of the NATM. Regulations that will ensure that we deliver to you a wonderful machine.

There are delicate goods- which are not even being transported by trailers anyway. Then there are goods such as building materials which are in no way delicate or fragile. Wastes from construction sites; soil that has be excavated from a road construction site; debris that have been removed from a demolished building. These should either be removed or be delivered in the shortest time possible, as wastage of more time means loss of resources. That is why at Brii-Mar, we have decided to look at the big picture and offer the best Dump Trailers that will in turn give the best service.

Our focus at Bri-Mar is to provide many different options so that none of our customers is left out. Thus, several series of dump trailers are available for your sampling. From a commercial grade low profile trailer; to a heavy duty commercial grade low profile trailer; and to The DT8 Series. Remember the LE Series is the economy commercial grade trailer, while the R series will offer you an opportunity to work with it on your own. It is available in low profile.

All our dump trailers are made of hydraulic pump and custom cylinders. And that beautiful finish they have is courtesy of PPG powder coat finish. The floors of all our trailers are made of heavy steel; same as the sides. Bri-Mar welders, certified by the American Welding Society, have done a marvelous job with the joints and the last touches they have the machines. The delicate touches our trailers have belie the fact that these are beasts when it comes to hauling heavy good.

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